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20:41 31-August-2016

Croatian right back joins Arendal

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The Norwegian club ØIF Arendal have signed a 1-year contract with the 24-year-old Croatian right back Luka Kovačević.

The Croatian right back, who has played in the Croatian club RK Zamet since 2008, has been on tryout in Norway the last weeks, which has resulted in a 1-year contract.

The head coach of ØIF Arendal Marinko Kurtovic describes the new player as following:

"Luka is a promising player, who I believe will perform well for us. He has the right training attitude so far. But no players come easily to anything in Arendal. He must deliver in each match. But I believe this is going to be very good. He is also a clever guy, who has prioritized the studies until now. He is a player who fits in well in our culture and has the right attitude"

Luka Kovačević has previous been an integral part of the youth national teams of Croatia. Furthermore he has participated in the EHF Cup with his former club RK Zamet in 2012/13.

Fact box:
Name: Luka Kovačević
Date of birth: 01.06.1992
Nationality: Croatian
Position: Right back
Height: 197 cm
Weight: 105 kg
-2016: RK Zamet, Croatia
2016-?: ØIF Arendal, Norway

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