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08:45 05-December-2017

Top 14 transfers of all time

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen provides you the list of the 14 biggest transfers of all time.

*The list is compiled with the help of various newspapers and sites - among others the handball magazine Handball Inside. The amounts are estimated and are not official.

12+13+14. Thierry Omeyer, Momir Ilic and Petar Nenadic - 500.000 euros

- THW Kiel bought in 2006 the French goalkeeper Theirry Omeyer from Montpellier HB - allegedly for an amount of 500,000 euros. Omeyer was in Kiel from 2006 to 2013 and won the German Championship 6 times, the German Cup 6 times and the EHF Champions League 3 times.

- For the same amount - 500.000 euros - THW Kiel bought the Serbian left back Momir Ilic from the Bundesliga rivals VfL Gummersbach in 2009. He played in the north of Germany from 2009 to 2013 and won the German Championship 3 times, the German Cup 3 times and the EHF Champions League twice.

- In late 2017 the Hungarian champion Telekom Veszprém paid a record transfer sum for the Serbian national player of Füchse Berlin -500.000 euros. Petar Nenadic, who replaced Aron Palmarsson (sold for more than 1.000.000 euros to FC Barcelona - see #4), had only half a year of his contract left. The Serbian playmaker became the most expensive transfer of Telekom Veszprém ever and the record transfer in Füchse Berlin of all time. Read more here.

10. Siarhei Rutenka and Alen Muratović - 700.000 euros

- The Belarusian left back moved from BM Ciudad Real to the eternal rivals from FC Barcelona in 2009 for an amount of 700.000 euros. Ciudad Real previous bought Rutenka from RK Celje for 400.000 euros. The Belarusian player, who has a Belarusian- Slovenian- and Spanish passport, played in Barcelona from 2009 to 2015 and won the Spanish Liga Asobal 5 times and the EHF Champions League twice.

- SG Flensburg-Handewitt paid BM Valladolid 700.000 euros for the Montenegrin left back Alen Muratović in 2008. The 198 centimeters tall backcourt player played in the north German club to 2010 but did never gain acceptance.

8. Arpad Sterbik and Chema Rodriguez - 800.000 euros

- In 2014 the Russian owner of RK Vardar, Sergei Samsonenko, bougth the Spanish goalkeeper Arpad Sterbik from FC Barcelona - allegedly for 800.000 euros. In the Macedonian top club RK Vardar he has won the Macedonian Championship twice until now.

- The Spanish playmaker Chema Rodriguez moved from BM Valladolid to BM Ciudad Real 2007. The amount Ciudad Real had to pay was allegedly around 800.000 euros. Chema Rodriguez played in the Spanish top club from 2007 to 2012 (the last season in BM Atletico Madrid). He won the Spanish Liga Asobal 3 times and the EHF Champions League twice.

7. Thierry Omeyer - 900.000 euros

Omeyer is one of only three players who is in the list twice. In 2014 Montpellier again sold the French world class goalkeeper. This time to Paris Saint-Germain for 900.000 euros. Omeyer has already won the French Championship with PSG twice.

5. Domagoj Duvnjak and Arpad Sterbik - 1.000.000 euros

- In 2009 when HSV Hamburg were wealthy they bougth the Croatian wonder boy Domagoj Duvnjak from RK Zagreb for 1.000.000 euros. The Croatian playmaker played in the German Hansestadt until 2014, when the club came in economic problems. Duvnjak won the EHF Champions League with HSV in 2013 and the German Championship in 2011.

- Back in 2012 the Spanish world class goalkeeper Arpad Sterbik moved from BM Atletico Madrid to FC Barcelona. Price? 1.000.000 euros. Sterbik won the Spanish Liga Asobal twice in FC Barcelona.

4. Aron Palmarsson - +1.000.000 euros

The transfer saga of Aron Palmarsson is over. FC Barcelona has October 23rd 2017 bought the Icelandic super star from Telekom Veszprém (read more here). The two parties have made a secret closure about the sum of the compensation, but Telekom Veszprém stated the following:

"FC Barcelona payed the record amount of compensation in the days, while Veszprém Handball Team Co. Ltd. issued the termination of the disciplinary procedure and contributed to the Hungarian Handball Federation to give out the playing license of Aron Palmarsson to FC Barcelona. The agreement between the two clubs has a secret closure about the sum of the compensation, which is much higher than the ones mentioned in media."

Rumors in the media has been between 700.000 and 1.000.000 euros.

2. Nikola Karabatic and Daniel Narcisse - 1.200.000 euros

- In 2009 THW Kiel were on the prey in the French top club Montpellier HB. Kiel bought Nikola Karabatic and Vid Kavticnik in a package deal of 1.500.000 euros. The value on Nikola Karabatic was calculated to 1.200.000 euros. Karabatic played in THW Kiel from 2005 to 2009 and won the EHF Champions League in 2007 and the German Championship 4 times.

- "Air France" Daniel Narcisse moved from Chambery Savoie HB to THW Kiel in 2009 - allegedly for an amount of 1.200.000 euros. In 2012 he was named the best player of the world.

1. Nikola Karabatic - 2.000.000 euros 

The most expensive player of the world is Nikola Karabatic. He had a clause on 2.000.000 euros, when he played in FC Barcelona. Paris Saint-German bought him in 2015. In the first season in Paris, PSG won the French Championship.

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