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17:08 03-August-2016

Rimpar make a new transfer coup

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The German 2. Bundesliga-club DJK Rimpar Wölfe publish a new "transfer coup" on Wednesday.

After the commitment of the former German national player Benjamin Herth from DHfK Leipzig earlier this summer, the German 2. Bundesliga-club DJK Rimpar Wölfe have according to themselves again made a scoop in the transfer market.

On Wednesday they'll publish the new player at a press conference. They refer the player as "a well known and respected player throughout Handball Germany".

The signing of the player is a part of the "Rimpar Wölfe 2020" project, where the German club want to be a part of the 1. Bundesliga.

DJK Rimpar Wölfe finished in fourteenth place in 2. Bundesliga last season.

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