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07:56 08-April-2019

Heinevetter joins Melsungen

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

Silvio Heinevetter leaves Füchse Berlin to join the Bundesliga rivals MT Melsungen in the summer of 2020.

The 34-year-old German goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter leaves Füchse Berlin, when his contract expires in the summer of 2020. The German national player has signed a 2+1-year contract with the Bundesliga rivals MT Melsungen.

MT Melsungen has announced in a press release that Silvio Heinevetter replaces the Swedish goalkeeper Johan Sjöstrand, who has a contract that expires in the summer of 2020. Heinevetter is destined to form a goalkeeper duo together with the Montenegrin goalkeeper Nebojsa Simic, who just has extended his contract long-term to the summer of 2023.

Sivio Heinevetter has played in Füchse Berlin since 2009.

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