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08:34 01-November-2016

Veszprem CEO denies rumors

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Photo: Gabor Kálomista, CEO of Veszprem

Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The CEO of Telekom Veszprem, Gabor Kálomista, denies the coach rumors.

Yesterday the rumor had it that Veselin Vujovic is about to replace the current head coach of Veszprem, Javier Sabaté, with immediate effect.

The Hungarian club, which is vice champions of Europe, has made a statement about Javier Sabaté, but now also the CEO of Veszprém, Gabor Kálomista, denies the rumors:

"I'm surprised you did not know about it. Xavi Sabaté has not become the past. We started steadily going forward in the way of our coach, whom you still can call Xavi Sabaté. Let's do our job," he stated in an interview with 

The CEO of Veszprem underlines, that the team do not have to peak yet:

"It was a long journey... Now that we participates in - which is unprecedented - three series, the Hungarian league, the SEHA-league and the Champions League, we have already been playing 26 matches, and that has yet to end in October. A Hungarian team playing so much throughout the year is not applicable. No panic, we are going on, and do not just have to be on top now, but in May and June."

Javier Sabaté has a contract, that expires after this season, but as long the goals are met, the Spanish coach continues according to Gabor Kálomista:

"If the goals are met, then we are going on. If not, you can ponder. The entire club management support Xavi Sabaté," he says to 

Veselin Vujovic, who is rumored to be the new coach of Veszprem, has confirmed, that the two parts have been in talks.

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