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15:35 10-March-2017

Arendal keeps Sondre Paulsen

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The 28-year-old Norwegian right wing, Sondre Paulsen, has extended his contract with the Norwegian club ØIF Arendal with 3 years.

The home grown right wing of the Norwegian club ØIF Arendal, Sondre Paulsen, has extended his contract with 3 years to the summer of 2020.

"I guess I've never really considered requests from abroad very seriously. I thrive in Arendal and I thrive in the team. It's "my club,". I actually think Arendal is the most wonderful place to play handball. We are in a an appropriately sized city, where people care about what we do. They are excited and enthusiastic when it goes well. And they let you know when it does not go well. It is good that people care. I like that," states the former Norwegian national player, who participated at the European Championship in Serbia in 2012, to the website of ØIF Arendal.

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