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18:46 23-October-2017

Palmarsson becomes one of the most expensive ever

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The transfer between Telekom Veszprém and FC Barcelona means, that the Icelandic super star Aron Palmarsson becomes a part of the top transfers of all time.

Today, it became official that FC Barcelona has bought Aron Palmarsson from Telekom Veszprém with immediate effect (read more here).

The two parties have made a secret closure about the sum of the compensation, but Telekom Veszprém states the following in a press release:

"FC Barcelona payed the record amount of compensation in the days, while Veszprém Handball Team Co. Ltd. issued the termination of the disciplinary procedure and contributed to the Hungarian Handball Federation to give out the playing license of Aron Palmarsson to FC Barcelona. The agreement between the two clubs has a secret closure about the sum of the compensation, which is much higher than the ones mentioned in media."

Rumors in the media has been between 700.000 and 1.000.000 euros.

Only 3 players in the world have had a sales price of over 1.000.000 euros. See the top transfers list here.

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