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21:15 31-October-2016

Sigurdsson clarification in November

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The head coach of the German national team, Dagur Sigurdsson, decides his future in November.

The rumors has been many the last week:

According to HANDBALL Inside uses Dagur Sigurdsson a clause to leave the job as German national coach in 2017.

The vice president of the German Handball Federation (DHB), Bob Hanning, has confirmed, that the two parts are in talks.

According to Dagur Sigurdsson has a huge offer from Paris Saint-Germain.

According to is also Veszprém interested in the Icelandic coach.

At a press conference in relation to the upcoming European Qualifier in Wetzlar against Portugal the German national coach announced the following about his future:

"I know I have to make a decision. This will happen in the next two or three weeks. In November we will have clarity. I will definitely be at the World Championship. This is absolutely certain."


Video from the press conference (in German)

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