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16:54 15-October-2017

Rumor: Jakobsen moves to France

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

According to the Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende the Norwegian line player Henrik Jakobsen may leave the Danish club GOG to join the French League club Fenix Toulouse after this season.

The 24-year-old Norwegian line player Henrik Jakobsen may be past of his current Danish club GOG after this season. The Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende states the following:

"The rumors around the GOG squad continues. Now the strong Norwegian line player Henrik Jakobsen - 116 kilo muscles, or something like that - is linked to Fenix Toulouse Handball in the French League. Jakobsen has, in particular, impressed in GOG with a very stable high level. Put another way: The bottom level of the Norwegian is extremely high."

Besides Henrik Jakobsen two other Norwegian players are rumored away from GOG; Gøran Johannesson and Magnus Jøndal (read more here). Furthermore, the Danish right wing Mark Strandgaard may leave the club after this season (read more here). By contrast, the Danish left wing Henrik Tilsted is rumored to join the club after this season (read more here).

Henrik Jakobsen came to GOG from the Norwegian club Drammen HK in 2015. He has played 10 caps for the Norwegian national team.

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