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10:18 28-July-2016

Icelandic line player changes club

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The 19-year-old Icelandic line player, Hjalti Már Hjaltason, leaves the Icelandic club Grótta to join the league-rivals Víkingur on a 2-year contract to the summer of 2018.

The talented line player is described as follows by the coach of Víkingur, Gunnar Gunnarsson:

"Hjalta (Már Hjaltason, red.) has a enormous strenght, which will help us continue with the development we are in. He is great in defence and attack, and he'll be a great supplement to Ægir (Hrafn Jónsson, the other line player of the club, red.)," the coach of Víkingur stated.

Hjalti Már Hjaltason has been a part of the youth national team of Iceland for several years. He has just been sorted out of the Icelandic squad for the U20-Euros in Denmark, where the legendary former handball-player Ólafur Stefánsson is head coach.

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