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04:45 21-September-2016

Top 10 transfers of the French League 2016/17

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Photo: names the 10 best transfers of the French League 2016/17.

*The list is subjective and made out of's own opinion. The sizes of the clubs and the players' potential are among others included in the consideration.

10. Olivier Nyokas. From HBW Balingen-Weilstetten to HBC Nantes. (3-year contract)

The 30-year-old French national player is athletic and explosive as few. As a joker of the French national team at the European Championship in Poland in January he performed on a high level. The twin-brother of Kevynn has developed explosively since he came to the Bundesliga in 2014.


9. Jesper Nielsen. From Füchse Berlin to Paris Saint-Germain. (2-year contract)

The 27-year old Swedish national player is physically strong and is the guarantor of stability. Jesper Nielsen has his greatest skills as a defender, where he will help to stabilize the defense of PSG.


8. Nikola Portner. From Kadetten Schaffhausen to Montpellier HB. (3-year contract)

One of the biggest goalkeeper talents of the world is Swiss Nikola Portner. The 22-year-old has performed on a high level both for the Swiss top club Kadetten Schaffhausen and the Swiss national team despite his young age. Montpellier has secured a top class goalkeeper with a great potential and future.


7. Juan del Arco Perez. From El-Jaish SC to US Ivry. (2-year contract)

A 24-year-old Spanish national player with a great future to a French club from the lower half of the table? It seemed unlikely, but US Ivry from Paris made a scoop by signing the Spanish left back Juan del Arco Perez from the Qatari club El-Jaish SC in front of several competitors.


6. Julien Meyer. From Seléstat Alsace Handball to Chambéry Savoie Handball (4-year contract)

The young French goalkeeper Julien Meyer has a great future. Many compare him with the French superstar Theirry Omeyer. The 19-year-old goalkeeper was named goalkeeper of the tournament, when the French U21-national team won gold at the World Championship in Brazil in 2015.


5. Daniel Sarmiento. From FC Barcelona to St. Raphaël Var Handball. (2-year contract)

The 33-year-old Spanish national player has been a world class playmaker for several years. He is fast, clever and experienced. When he came in surplus in FC Barcelona the French top club St. Raphaël signed him to replace the Icelandic playmaker Arnor Atlason.


4. Valentin Porte. From Fenix Toulouse to Montpellier HB. (3-year contract)

He was for many years an underestimated player, but after several great performances on the French national team Valentin Porte has got the praise he deserves. He is an allround-player, who is both fast, clever and great one against one.


3. Artsem Karalek. From SKA Minsk to St. Raphaël Var Handball. (2½-year contract)

The 20-year old Belarusian line player Artsem Karalek, who joins St. Raphaël Var Handball in December, is one of the most talented players on his position. He is physically strong and a real goal machine. He is already an integral for of the Belarusian national team despite his young age.


2. Nedim Remili. From US Creteil to Paris-Saint Germain. (4-year contract)

The biggest problem of Paris-Saint Germain for the last seasons has been to find a top class player at the right back position. With the longterm contracts of both Nedim Remili and Luka Stepancic the club has found the solution for the future. The 21-year-old French right back Remili has already shown his great potential both on the French national team and in the French league.


1. Uwe Gensheimer. From Rhein-Neckar Löwen to Paris Saint-Germain. (3-year contract)

The German shooting star is one of the best left wingers in the history of handball. He has an indescribable technique and is furthermore a true leader who lead the way for his team. He is a modern type of left wing, who can shoot from every angles.


Other signings like Fahrudin Melic (Chambéry Savoie), Andreas Cederholm (Fenix Toulouse), Ferran Sole (Fenix Toulouse), Dominik Klein (HBC Nantes), Eduardo Gurbindo (HBW Nantes), Ibrahima Diaw (Saran) and Luka Stepancic (PSG) wooed to the list.

Several top class players like Timothey N'Guessan, Dragan Gajic, Matej Gaber, Valero Rivera and Igor Vori left the French League this summer.

You can see all the transfers of the French League 2016/17 here.

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