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12:23 06-January-2017

René Toft Hansen will not talk to the press

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

One of the world's best line players, the Dane René Toft Hansen, will not be interviewed before or during the World Championship.

The Danish Handball Federation (DHF) has given the 32-year-old player of THW Kiel, René Toft Hansen, permission to not talk to the press before and during the World Championship in France.

He'll not participate for press conferences or interviews in January. It confirms DHF's press officer, Bodil Kjærgaard, to the Danish newspaper, BT:

"He has declined all talk with the press throughout the month. He is mentally tired. So it was a deal he made with Gudmundur Gudmundsson (the head coach of the Danish national team, ed). They agreed that if that was what was needed, to use his resources correctly, it was what we did," she told the newspaper.

The Danish national team begins the World Championship in France against Argentina January 13 in Paris.

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