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16:05 31-October-2017

Kristianstad: 8 players contracts expire

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

8 players have a contract that expires at the Swedish champions IFK Kristianstad after this season.

Overview of the contract situation in the Swedish top club IFK Kristianstad, who participates in the Champions League:


- The Swedish right back Albin Lagergren has already signed a contract with the German Bundesliga club SC Magdeburg (read more here).

Expering contracts at the end of the season:

- The Swedish goalkeeper Leo Larsson
- The Swedish right wing Johannes Larsson
- The Swedish line player Mario Lipovac
- The Danish right wing Tim Sørensen
- The Norwegian right back Stig-Tore Moen Nilsen
- The Icelandic playmaker Gunnar Steinn Jónsson
- The Norwegian left back Inge Aas Eriksen
- The Icelandic left back Olafur Gudmundsson

Other contracts:

- The Swedish left wing Viktor Hallén (2019)
- The Swedish left back Anton Persson (2019)
- The Icelandic line player Arnar Freyr Arnarsson (2019)
- The Swedish left back Philip Henningsson (2019)
- The Swedish playmaker Helge Freiman (1+1 until 2019)
- The Swedish goalkeeper Richard Kappelin (2020)
- The Swedish head coach Ola Lindgren (2+1 until 2020)

The Sports Director of the Swedish club, Jesper Lindgren, states to the Swedish newspaper, that the club is working hard to get control of the future.

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