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10:25 08-March-2017

Rumor: Cervar returns to Croatia!

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The former Croatian national coach, Lino Červar, is allegedly close to return.

According to informations from the Croatian website Več the 66-year-old experienced Croatian coach, Lino Červar, returns as national head coach of Croatia to replace the former Croatian head coach, Željko Babić, who resigned after the World Championship in January in France. 

Today, Červar will alledegly have the last conversation with the vice president of the Croatian Handball Association, Zoran Gobac. They'll negotiate under what conditions Lino Červar will be the coach.

Lino Červar has until now remained head coach of the Macedonian national team and head coach of the Macedonian top club, RK Metalurg. According to Več the Croat is ready to give up the job as Macedonian national coach, but would like to stay at RK Metalurg. By contrast, the Croatian Handball Association want a coach who will be available to the national team with one hundred percent.

There is less than a year for the upcoming European Championship in January 2018 in Croatia - and the expectations to the hosts are tremendous.

Legendary Lino Červar was the national coach of Croatia from 2002 to 2010. He won the World Championship 2003 in Portugal and the Olympics 2004 in Athens.

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