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08:27 04-November-2016

Leipzig maintains defense specialist

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The defense specialist of DHfK Leipzig, Bastian Roscheck, extends his contract with 2 years to the summer of 2019.

The SC DHfK Leipzig continues to extend the contracts of their most important players. Bastian Roscheck has extended his contract with two years to the summer of 2019.

Press release from DHfK Leipzig:

The SC DHfK Leipzig maintains their defense specialist for two more years. Bastian Roscheck has extended his contract to the end of the season to 2019. For the 25-year-old, the overall package was particularly important for his future plans in Leipzig, and the SC DHfK project is now a matter of heart.

"I am already in my fourth season at the SC DHfK and during this time a lot has happened. If you join a club for four years so much, then that is also a matter of heart. Who knows me knows also that for me not only the sporting perspective is important. It is generally very valuable for me that my girlfriend and I can also develop professionally in Leipzig," says Roscheck.

Parallel to the professional handball life, the line player completed his bachelor's degree this year and is currently completing an internship at the DHFK sponsor BMW plant Leipzig in the logistics area.

"A professional activity during the daily life of the Bundesliga only works with an employer who accommodates you and adapts the working times to the training plans. I am very grateful to the BMW factory for this opportunity," says the 25-year-old. Next year, Roscheck plans to start a Master's degree.

With the SC DHfK Leipzig, the defense specialist wants to gradually establish themselves within the next two and a half years successively in the DKB Handball League. But his focus now is exclusively on the current goals: "It is important for us to secure our Bundesliga spot as fast as possible during this season and continue to work hard. The rest comes by itself. Of course it would be a huge dream if we actually reach the Final Four this season. I'm delighted to be able to play the quarter-finals at home and hope for a sold-out arena," said Bastian Roscheck.

For Christian Prokop, too, the contract extension is another important signal for a successful future:

"The great development of our defense / goalkeeper interplay is one of the main reasons for our success. That is why the extension of Basti is one of the most important building blocks for our defensive and a successful future. I'm so happy that Basti is going on with us. With his speed and intelligence, he is able to bring his strengths into the Leipzig system and, like Captain Lukas Binder, he is a model for constant development and enormous ambition. "


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