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11:45 07-October-2016

Twins on team of the round in Denmark!

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Photo: tophå

Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The team of the 4th round of the Danish League has been selected.


Here you can see some of the actions of the players of the team of the 4th round:



Goalkeeper: Tim Winkler, HC Midtjylland (1)
Left wing: Jørgen Rasmussen, HC Midtjylland (1)
Left back: Kasper Olsen, Bjerringbro-Silkeborg Elitehåndbold A/S(1)
Playmaker: Lasse Kjær Møller, GOG Sport(1)
Right back: Kasper Søndergaard, Skjern Håndbold (1)
Right wing: René Rasmussen, Skjern Håndbold (2)
Line player: Bjarte Myrhol, Skjern Håndbold (1)

(parenthesis = times on the team of the round)

Left wing Jørgensen Rasmussen and right wing René Rasmussen are both on the team and they are twin brothers!

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