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09:46 16-March-2017

Topscorer stays in Nordsjælland

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The topscorer of the top club of the Danish 2nd League Nordsjælland Håndbold, Nicolai Pedersen, has extended his contract with one year to the summer of 2018.

Press release from Nordsjælland Håndbold:

Nordsjælland Håndbold's topscorer with 121 goals in the Danish 2nd League, Nicolai Pedersen, has extended his contract for a another year. It is a very joyful message, and shows that we come back strong for the Danish League.

Head coach Ian Marko Fog:
"Nicolai is a special talent. He has some core skills that can take him really far. After he came back from a difficult stay in Aalborg, we have invested many resources in him. He showed in glimpses in the first season which huge potential he possesses. But was also set back slightly by a foot injury. We have high expectations for him, and thus we also set higher requirements. After a volatile first half of the season, he has become more mature, and he has delivered recently, he is for me the best fielder in the 2nd League. We have fought hard to keep him. I'm really happy for the successful management and us in the coaching staff to convince him. He is a huge factor for our project to succeed. With the latest approaches and extensions, I see a bright future in Nordsjælland."


Nordsjælland Håndbold, who last season relegated from the Danish League, is at the moment in the top of the Danish 2nd League only one win away from securing promotion.

Nicolai Pedersen was previously an integral part of the Danish youth national team.

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