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17:17 03-November-2017

The story of Palmarsson in Veszprém

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The Icelandic super star Aron Palmarsson speaks out about the controversy with his former club Telekom Veszprém in an interview with the Spanish radio channel RAC1.

Finally we get the main characters side of the story. Aron Palmarsson tells in an interview (on English) with the Spanish radio channel RAC1, how he experienced the matter with Telekom Veszprém. He has a somewhat different perception of how things happened than the leaders of the Hungarian champions.

First of all Palmarsson states, that the head coach of Telekom Veszprém Ljubomir Vranjes forgave him and wanted him back, but Palmarsson calls dealing with the Board of Telekom Veszprém "impossible."

The Icelandic national player has looked forward to telling his side of the story, which you can listen to here:

In late October FC Barcelona bought Aron Palmarsson from Telekom Veszprém with immediate effect (read more here). Thus, he became one of the most expensive players in the history of handball (read more here).

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