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18:49 20-November-2017

French League club keeps duo

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The French League club US Ivry has extended the contracts with the French playmaker Léo Martinez and the Danish right wing Morten Vium.

The French League club US Ivry has extended the contracts with to important players.

The 26-year-old Danish right wing Morten Vium came to the French club from the Danish League club Ribe-Esbjerg HH before last season. From the beginning the fast and technically strong right wing has been an important player of the French club. With his 152 goals last season, he was the top scorer of the club and became 3rd on the top scorer list of the French League. Now, the Danish right wing has extended his contract for another season to the summer of 2019:

"I am happy to stay in Ivry. And this is for many reasons. Firstly because I really like the club, the city and being close to Paris. Ivry is the right club for me to continue to develop my game. The team is really progressing and I want to be part of this progression, and see how far we can go. Finally, I'm happy to be part of the team, I want to prove things with these people," the Danish right wing, who besides Ribe-Esbjerg also has been playing in Skjern Håndbold and Stoholm IF in Denmark, states in a press release from US Ivry.

Besides Morten Vium also Léo Martinez stays in US Ivry. The 23-year-old talented French playmaker, who has been a part of the training center of US Ivry since 2011 and became pro in 2015, has extended his contract with the club for 3 additional seasons.

"I am very happy to extend with 3 seasons. Since the beginning of the championship, I tried not to think too much that my contract was expiring at the end of this season. I try to have fun and play as well as I can. I feel great here. When I'm in the city or at the gym, I feel like I have my place. And I feel like I want to be here. I am happy with the trust placed in me by the staff and the leaders. The second contract is often difficult. I think we will now see less as the young boy. I think the duo with Vasja Furlan works well. I am very happy to evolve with him. We get along well, we exchange a lot, he gives me advice because he has more experience. It corresponds to the kind of players that I particularly like. Smarter than sturdy. I will continue to learn with him. As with Morten Vium, too, with whom I spend a lot of time off the court. I want to do nice things with the club. Collectively, we must achieve more. We can do it. When we see what Nîmes does at the beginning of the season, I do not think they would have imagined themselves to be 2nd. We are in a phase of progression, we have shown that we can beat big teams even if on paper we are sometimes less. On the right day we can beat everyone. We must be able to ignite in the right direction. Not taking the big head, but allowing yourself to enjoy our good times," the talented playmaker states in the press release.

The President of US Ivry, François Lequeux: "I am very happy to see that a player like Leo agrees to continue at the club, it is the proof of a positive progression with him. It is also the continuity of an important family history with our club. In addition, Leo has a very positive image in the club environment. He is present in the schools, he comes to see the matches of the different sections, he embodies the spirit of the UC Ivry. Sign a second contract for a young pro player is always difficult, it is unfortunately not always the end despite years of training at the top level that's why we are very happy that it is done with him, he deserves it. Leo is a player who must be able to become the number one at his post. He forms a good duo with Vasja, who has a lot to contribute. This relationship is beneficial. As for Morten, he was the good surprise of last season, and with his extra time, we prove that we can be a training club and also a springboard for players. He wants to pass a course with us and we are obviously all satisfied. It is a professional who also has a positive image, it will allow our young people, too, to continue to develop."


US Ivry is at the moment placed 9th in the French League.

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