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11:27 14-November-2017

HSC-captain retires

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The 24-year-old captain of the Swiss club HSC Suhr Aarau, Patrick Romann, retires at the end of the season.

Press release from HSC Suhr Aarau:

Patrick Romann, 24-year-old backcourt and captain of the Swiss League team HSC Suhr Aarau, will resign from top handball at the end of the season 2017/18. After completing his bachelor's degree program in the summer of 2018, the biochemistry student will have the unique perspective of an international master's program abroad.

"I was able to experience a unique, unforgettable time at the HSC Suhr Aarau and get to know many great people. I am very grateful for that. Now I want to prove myself in a new environment and gain valuable experience abroad for my professional future. The HSC Suhr Aarau will always be in my heart," said Patrick Romann on his resignation.

Patrick Romann came in 2008 as a 15 -year-old from Handball Zurzibiet to HSC Suhr Aarau, rose in the 2010/11 season with the U19 in the elite class and celebrated there a year later superior to the Swiss champion title. Also in the season 2011/12 he debuted under Urs Mühlethaler and Björn Navarin already as a 17 -year-old in the National League A.

As a regular player, he is already shaping the HSC game in the seventh season. In 169 League games he has scoed 667 times for his team, experienced the descents into the League in 2012 and 2015 as well as the sensational climbs in the NLA in 2014 and 2016. Since the season 2016/17 he acts as the captain. Due to his career, passion and identification, he embodies the philosophy of the HSC Suhr Aarau to sustainably develop his own family and to integrate them into supporting roles in the team. Because of his career, he is a great role model of the HSC and handball young talents of the region and one of the big identification figures of the association.

HSC Managing Director Lukas Wernli says: "We are incredibly proud to have accompanied and shaped the people and handball player Patrick Romann in his development and career. With a heavy heart, we meet his desire to dissolve the contract prematurely - but at the same time we are very happy for him, that he perceives the unique perspective that offers him and thereby fulfills a personal dream. In the knowledge that he is always emotionally connected and as part of the HSC family, we thank him for his great merits and his loyalty on behalf of the entire HSC Suhr Aarau. We wish him all the best for his private, academic and professional future."

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