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09:00 23-September-2016

Vujovic: "The extension a matter of days"

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The head coach of the Slovenian national team Veselin Vujovic is close to extending his contract.

The talk about an extension of the contract with the Slovenian national team came, when the head coach of RK Zagreb and the Slovenian national team rejected to be the new head coach of the Croatian national team. At that time Vujovic confirmed, that he would meet with the chairman of the Slovenian Handball Federation to talk about a contract extension to after the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. 

It is now only a matter of days before this contract extension is in place. The signing is practically agreed: "We had the same thoughts and it were only a matter of details. On both sides there was a strong interest in continuing the partnership. The Association has sent me a contract offer which suits me, so I can remain on the bench of Slovenia at least to Tokyo (Olympics 2020, red.)," the legendary handballer stated to the Slovenian site

The Montenegrin coach has a contract to the summer of 2018 at the moment.

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