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11:53 13-October-2016

Sovič replaces Ivezič on Maribor's bench

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The new head coach of RK Maribor Branik, Sebastjan Sovič. Photo:

Written by: Rasmus Boysen

Due to bad results Slavko Ivezič stops as head coach of RK Maribor Branik. His successor is Sebastjan Sovič.

After 6 matches with 3 defeats the board of the third most ambitious club of Slovenia, RK Maribor Branik, chose to replace the head coach Slavko Ivezič with Sebastjan Sovič.

The press release from RK Maribor Branik:

The board of RK Maribor Branik and the coach Slavko Ivezič agreed to terminated the cooperation. Instead, Sebastjan Sovič is the new head coach.

RK Maribor Branik had, before this season in order to adapt the current state of the national championship and the Slovenian sport in general, reduced budget and rejuvenated the team. This was later followed by a significant trimmed squad to be among the first four teams in the playoffs for the championship. Since the results after 6 rounds played no point in this direction we have in the lead of the club decided to split up with the coach Slavko Ivezič. We would thank Slavko Ivezič for all the effort and work of this year, which he spent in Maribor. With our vast experience both in coaching and organizational field has shown us how to deal with certain things and why we are especially grateful. Wanting to turn the bad start of the season in the other direction, we decided to replace the the coach.

The new coach Sebastjan Sovič was once a great player of Gorenje and Slovenj Gradec and the Slovenian national team. The latter has already been tested in the role of coach and this was quite successfully.  He led the newly formed club RK Slovenj Gradec, 2011, in five seasons. At the end of last season, according to himself, he wanted to get some rest from handball, but the offer came from Maribor. "When I finished working in Slovenj Gradec, I said that if I will coach again I will coach one of the three Slovenian clubs Celje, Velenje or Maribor. A little joke, a little well indeed. No, the offer made me really surprised and it came much sooner than I expected. Before the start of the season I got a few calls for commitment, but I have all more or less rejected. The talks with the leadership of the Maribor Branik were very correct and we quickly agreed. In front of me is a big challenge, but I am at the same time looking forward," said the 40-year-old Sebastian Sovič who on assuming handball set itself only one goal. "Previously, when I was an active player and now as a coach I have only only one goal that from training to training always get progress. A player who does not have this desire for progress can not play anymore. That's what you want to put into practice here and judging by the players in the squad I believe that they too want the same. Only in this way we can get results," concluded Sovič, which will have the first official match as coach of the Maribor Branik on Saturday against Trimo.


The former head coach of RK Maribor Branik, Slavko Ivezič.

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