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16:49 26-February-2019

Legend stops as Red Star coach

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The head coach of the Serbian league club RK Red Star, Nenad Perunicic, stops with immediate effect.

The legend of Serbian handball, 47-year-old Nenad Perunicic, has decided to stop as head coach of the Serbian league club from Belgrade, RK Red Star, with immediate effect.

Nenad Perunicic, who is also the national coach of Serbia, decided after 7 matches without a win, that it was time to leave as a coach, he states to the Serbian website He stays in the club to help find sponsors.

The former top player, who has had various jobs in RK Red Star since 2009, also says that he does not know what the future brings at club level.

He is replaced by the Serbian coach Anton Bukilić, who was the assistant coach of Perunicic.

RK Red Star is at the moment placed 9th in the Serbian league - just outside the playoff spots.

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