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19:09 31-October-2017

Malmö keeps head coach

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The Swedish League club HK Malmö has extended the contract with the Norwegian head coach, Stian Tønnesen.

The 43-year-old Norwegian head coach, Stian Tønnesen, has been head coach of the Swedish League club HK Malmö since 2016. He has now extended his contract with 2 years to the summer of 2020.

"Stian has a high status in the group and is very liked and does a very good job. He will be more and more sought after and that is why it feels very good we already know, that he will coach HK Malmö the next 2 seasons," states chairman of HK Malmö, Jörgen Rasmusson in a press release.

"It feels very cool and I am very happy for the trust. It has been new to me and I feel very good in Malmö both with the team, the leaders and everyone who work hard for the club," states Stian Tønnesen in the press release.

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