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16:42 25-October-2017

Müller-twins stay in Melsungen

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The German Bundesliga club MT Melsungen has extended the contracts with the Müller-twins to the summer of 2020.

Press release from MT Melsungen:

The Bundesliga club MT Melsungen has set the course for the time after the current season. With the premature extension of the contracts of Michael and Philipp Müller, the Nordhessen have secured the services of two important cornerstones until the summer of 2020. Simon Birkefeldt from the Danish League club TTH Holstebro is additionally the first newcomer for the 2018/19 season (read more here). He will compete in the right back position, replacing Dener Jaanimaa, whose contract expires.

Philipp and Michael Müller came from HSG Wetzlar to MT Melsungen in 2013 and have since been one of the mainstays of the North Hessian Bundesliga club. In the strategic considerations for the time after the current season the responsible persons are concerned to find a balance between new and established powers. "If there are players who have a high level of performance over a long period of time and are therefore reliable players in a team structure, the club is always well advised to tie these players to themselves for longer. They enable the necessary continuity in an otherwise often fast-paced game market", MT Board member Axel Geerken welcomes the extension of the contract with the twins.

"Being able to rely on players is a win for every coach. The Müller-twins undoubtedly have a high share of the good sporting development of the MT in recent years. Without them, the club would not be where it stands now. In addition to their skills as handball players, whether they are attacking or defending, they embody the key qualities of a team, high commitment, exemplary combative attitude, and the talent of taking part in the team. These attributes, which are, so to speak, even more strongly applied in the two pack, must simply continue to characterize our team. That is why we are very glad that Michael and Philipp decided to stay with us," says coach Michael Roth.

The extension of the contract was by no means self-evident. For example, Michael Müller had offers from a number of well-known Bundesliga competitors. And whether, in the event of a change of the captain's brother alone would have remained with the MT, is also questionable.

"I feel very well at the MT and in the whole environment of the club. I have been able to experience and shape a good development here in recent years. This is generally a great project and I am very happy to continue to be a part of it. I am currently doing everything I can to get back on the field quickly. The extension of the contract is, of course, a factor that makes me look even more positively," says Michael Müller. His brother Philipp adds: "A lot has happened in recent years. As a player you can be proud if you could contribute to it. I'm looking forward to the continuation, not least for my family, which also feels very comfortable around here. "


Michael Müller

Date of birth / place of birth: 19.09.1984 / Würzburg
Nationality: German
Family status: permanent relationship, no children
Height / Weight: 196 cm / 106 kg
Position / throw hand: Right back / left
Former clubs: Haspo Bayreuth, TV Großwallstadt, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, HSG Wetzlar, MT Melsungen (since 2013)
Sporty successes: 78 caps (GER)

Philipp Müller

Date of birth / place of birth: 19.09.1984 / Würzburg
Nationality: German
Family status: permanent relationship, 1 child
Height / Weight: 196 cm / 104 kg
Position / throw: Back court player / right
Previous clubs: Haspo Bayreuth, TuSpo Obernburg, TV Großwallstadt, HSG Balingen / Weilstetten, HSG Wetzlar, MT Melsungen (since 2013)
Sporty successes: 2 caps (GER)

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