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11:14 23-October-2016

HSG Wetzlar contract expirations

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen provides you the overview of contract expirations in HSG Wetzlar.


Players with ends of contracts after this season:

Stefan Hanemann (20). German goalkeeper.

Vladan Lipovina (23). Montenegrin right back.

Joao Ferraz (26). Portuguese right back.

Filip Mirkulovski (33). Macedonian playmaker.

Moritz Zörb (20). German line player.

Maximilian Holst (27). German left wing.

Fabian Kraft (23). German left wing.

Emil Berggren (30). Swedish left back (1+1-year contract).

Evar Klesniks (36). Latvian right back.

Jannik Kohlbacher (21). German line player.

Kasper Kvist (27). Danish left wing.


See the contract expirations of the other Bundesliga-clubs here.


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