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19:54 05-November-2017

Bornemann reinforces Hagen

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The 23-year-old German right back Andreas Bornemann leaves the German 2. Bundesliga club HC Rhein Vikings to join the League rivals VfL Eintracht Hagen.

Press release from VfL Eintracht Hagen:

It is closed - the large gap left by the loss of Jan-Lars Gaubatz (cruciate ligament rupture) in the squad of the 2. Bundesliga club VfL Eintracht Hagen. With Andreas Bornemann the Green-Yellow sign a left-hander from the neighbors HC Rhein Vikings. The coach Niels Pfannenschmidt had been on the slip for some time. "It was worthwhile that we waited for. With Andreas we got a young player, who despite his age has already gained plenty of 2. League experience - and in Neuhausen always counted among the best field goal scorers," reported the visibly pleased Ostwestfale with a view of the 23-year-old, who after his time in the youth team of the current German champion Rhein-Neckar Löwen was already at the GSV Eintracht Baunatal, at the TV Neuhausen and at the HC Rhein Vikings in Germany's 2. Bundesliga.

Sport Director Michael Stock is very satisfied with the commitment. "When we got the bad news with the injury of Jan-Lars Gaubatz, CEO Jörg Brodowski, our first chairman Detlef Spruth, Niels Pfannenschmidt and I have made the fundamental decision that we want to be active again. However, we also quickly agreed that only a transfer with perspective is an option, and not a short-term solution," explains Stock.

"We also looked at other options, but we quickly agreed that we want to commit Andreas - if a transfer is possible. When this possibility emerged, Jörg immediately contacted the player's advisor. It was great teamwork, a transfer in which our entire management team have a share," reports Stock.

The fact that the player did not play as expected at the Vikings is not a problem for Pfannenschmidt or Stock considering his qualities. "There are always situations where a player does not like a new club. We are now benefiting from this, "explains Stock, who also emphasizes the "pleasant cooperation with the Vikings" - " It was open, fair and honest discussions. "

With regard to Bornemann's contract until 2019, Stock describes the impact on squad planning for the upcoming season as follows: "We now have a left-hander more in the squad. We rate that positively because we have seen this season how serious the loss of a left-handed player weighs. Therefore, it is quite possible that we will go in the upcoming season with five left-handers. It was simply a clever complement and reinforcement of our squad. "

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