Antal resultater: 24

Rumor: Ilic to Wisla Plock

IHF nominates players and coaches

Stockfleth & Mamelund take over Haslum

Lauge stays in Flensburg to 2021

Søren Haagen joins Randers HH

Kalafut stays in Hannover

Omeyer and Narcisse retire

GUIF keeps Lucau & Dickfors

Rumor: Gorazd Škof to Germany

4 players leave HBW

New right wing duo in Erlangen

Michael Müller injured after scooter accident

Bjørnsen in Wetzlar to 2021

Cervars first Croatian squad

Turbotransfers, Dubai and the PGE Narodowy stadium!

New Slovenian national squad selected

Huge blow for Hungary: Nagy retires

Rumor: Ivanisevic to Wetzlar

New Serbian national team selected

Palmarsson becomes one of the most expensive ever

Leipzig signs Danish right wing

Bengan Boy stops as head coach

Oliver Heß leaves Die Eulen

Rumor: Duo leaves Vardar for Germany