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08:36 02-November-2017

Landin considering the future

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The Danish national player Magnus Landin may very well be past in the Danish club KIF Kolding-København after this season.

The Danish national player Magnus Landin has a contract that expires in KIF Kolding-København after this season. And he may be past in the Danish club from next season. He told the Danish TV-channel TV 2 SPORT Wednesday evening.

"My contract expires next summer in Kolding, and I am thinking that I would like to try something else."

The rumors of a transfer to the German top club THW Kiel, where Niklas Landin - the older brother of Magnus - is the goalkeeper, has flourished since this summer. In connection with the unsuccessful transfer to THW Kiel, who was interested in the Danish left wing, Magnus Landin expressed his annoyance that he was not allowed to go to the German club.

"It might be a big chance, because Raul Santos (left wing at THW Kiel, ed.) was injured and at the same time there were many players who left Kolding. So in some way, I might have been a little bit annoyed about it, but on the other hand, I'm also feel well in Kolding. It's a young and pretty good team we have and I've got a lot of friends here," Magnus Landin said to TV 2 SPORT in August.

Magnus Landin has played 21 caps and scored 44 goals for the Danish national team, with whom he participated in the World Championship 2017 in France.

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