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11:17 05-November-2017

Macedonians continue to rebuild

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The ambitious Macedonian League club RK Eurofarm Rabotnik has signed yet another player, the Bosnian line player Elmir Gradjan.

Press release from RK Eurofarm Rabotnik:

RK Eurofarm Rabotnik signed a new player for the season's continuation in the Macedonian Super League and Challenge Cup. After the signatures of 31-year-old Rati Mskhvildze (read more here), a new member of the club from Bitola is Elmir Gradjan from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The 24-year-old Elmir Gradjan has passed all the youth national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has also had several appearances for the A-national team.

In the team of the new head coach Ilija Temelkovski (read more here), the new reinforcement will debut today.

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