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13:02 02-December-2016

Confederations Cup? They say no

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

Another international championship for national teams is in the pipeline, but Denmark, France and Norway have rejected to participate.

In early October it emerged that the International Handball Federation, IHF, was in the process of establishing another international championship for national teams – Confederations Cup.

But Confederations Cup will be without the national teams of Denmark, France and Norway. 

"Together with France and Norway, we said a polite no thanks to the Confederations Cup," the Secretary General of the Danish Handball Federation Morten Stig Christensen told TV 2 SPORT.

"The primary reason that we said no, is that it will provide even more matches for the players. In addition, we will not deliver one of the few windows we have to settle our own Golden League. We want to be masters of our own windows, you might say," he adds to TV2 Sport.

It is still unknown whether the idea of the Confederations Cup is finally dead. But it will in any case be without Danish, Norwegian and French participation.

Read more about Confederations Cup here.

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