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00:23 09-December-2016

French initial squad for WC

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The first 21-man initial squad of the new French national coach, Didier Dinart, for a Championship.

Didier Dinart has selected 21 players for the upcoming World Championship on homeground in January.

The squad is without Mathieu Grebillé (Montpellier HB) and Alix Kévynn Nyokas (VfL Gummersbach) due to injuries.

Cyril Dumoulin, HBC Nantes, France
Vincent Gérard, Montpellier HB, France
Thierry Omeyer, Paris Saint-Germain, France

Left wing:
Michaël Guigou, Montpellier HB, France

Left wing/playmaker:
Kentin Mahé, SG Flensburg-Handewitt, Germany

Left backs:
William Accambray, Paris Saint-Germain, France
Olivier Nyokas, HBC Nantes, France
Timothey N'Guessan, FC Barcelona, Spain

Nicolas Claire, HBC Nantes, France
Nikola Karabatic, Paris Saint-Germain, France
Daniel Narcisse, Paris Saint-Germain, France

Line players:
Ludovic Fabregas, Montpellier HB, France
Luka Karabatic, Paris Saint-Germain, France
Cédric Sorhaindo, FC Barcelona, Spain

Right backs:
Adrien Dipanda, St. Raphaël Var HB, France
Dika Mem, FC Barcelona, Spain
Nedim Remili, Paris Saint-Germain, France

Right back/right wing:
Valentin Porte, Montpellier HB, France

Right wings:
Luc Abalo, Paris Saint-Germain, France
Benoît Kounkoud, Paris Saint-Germain, France
Yannis Lenne, Sélestat, France

The 7 reserves:

Benjamin Afgour, US Dunkerque, France (line player)
Xavier Barachet, Paris Saint-Germain, France (right back)
Arnaud Bingo, Montpellier HB, France (left wing)
Theo Derot, HBC Nantes, France (left back)
Wesley Pardin, Fenix Toulouse, France (goalkeeper)
Nicolas Tournat, HBC Nantes, France (line player)
Samuel Honrubia, Tremblay en France, France (left wing)

France is in Group A in the World Championship 2017 with Poland, Russia, Brazil, Japan and Norway (wildcard).


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