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15:45 09-March-2017

Beauregard joins Cesson immediately

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

Frédéric Beauregard joins the French club Cesson-Rennes Metropole with immediate effect.

The current left back of the French club Sélestat Alsace Handball and the future player of Cesson-Rennes Metropole for the season of 2017/2018, Frédéric Beauregard, has with immediate effect joined Cesson-Rennes Metropole for the rest of the season.

Due to the injury of the Icelandic left back, Gudmundur Helgason, Cesson-Rennes Metropole was looking for a joker to replace on the left back as soon as possible.

Cesson-Rennes Metropole, Frédéric Beauregard and the club of Sélestat have agreed on a deal, which means the 33-year-old French left back can join Cesson-Rennes Metropole with immediate effect.

Cesson-Rennes Metropole is at the moment placed 3rd to last in the French League.

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