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17:24 31-March-2017

Metličić will not be Cervar's assistant

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

Petar Metličić rejects being the new assistant coach of Lino Cervar at the Croatian national team.

The new-old Croatian national coach Lino Cervar, who was announced as the successor of Zejlko Babic in the middle of March (read more here), has not yet found his coaching staff for the national team. While all indications that Ivano Balic continues working for the Croatian Handball Federation, it is quite different for another legend, Petar Metličić.

The former Croatian national player Petar Metličić was since 2015 the assistant coach of the previous Croatian national coach, Zejlko Babic. Therefore, he was also one of the favorites to become the assistant coach of the successor of Babic, Lino Cervar, who coached Petar Metličić on the Croatian national team from 2002 to 2009. 

But Petar Metličić refuses to continue as assistant coach of the Croatian national coach. He states the following to the Croatian newspaper Vecernji:

"I have other plans, so at the moment I am not interested. I will instead be a fan."

It is uncertain which other plans Petar Metličić has and when the Croatian Handball Federation and Lino Cervar announce his coaching staff on the national team.

There is 287 days to the European Championship 2018 in Croatia begins.

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