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12:02 08-August-2016

Serbian left back to RK Pelister

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The Serbian left back of the Serbian club RK Železničar Niš, Pavle Pavlović, has signed a 1-year contract with the Macedonian club RK Pelister to the summer of 2017.

The 23-year old Serbian defence specialist is the sixth signing of RK Pelister after Ivica Lazarovski from RK Borec, Kiril Kolev from RK Ohrid 2013, Ivan Taseski from RK Ohrid 2013, Zlatko Vezenkovski from RK Maks Strumica and Konstantin Vesoski from Handball Montélimar. The club also have a new head coach, Bosnian Kasim Kamenica.

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