11:23 14-January-2017

Luka Karabatic is out of the WC

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

Luka Karabatic is out for the rest of the World Championship!

Despite a very easy victory for the French national team against Japan yesterday, the match was mostly marked by the exit of Luka Karabatic in the 6th minute of the match. The younger brother Karabatic came out after an offensive phase where his ankle turned. Very quickly taken care of by the medical staff of the Blues, Luka Karabatic never returned to the field.

This morning the French Handball Federation has announced, that Luka Karabatic has a rupture of the tibio-fibular ligament! That means the line player of PSG is out for the rest of the competetion.

Both the line player of US Dunkerque, Mehdi Afghour, or even to the line player of HBC Nantes, Nicolas Tournat, are possible replacements.

See the injury list here.

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