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15:52 03-October-2017

Frenchman joins Puerto Sagunto

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The Spanish League club Fertibia Balonmano Puerto Sagunto has signed a contract with the French left back Johan Boisedu.

Due to the injury of Alfredo Sorrentino the Spanish League club Fertibia Balonmano Puerto Sagunto has signed a contract with the 38-year-old French left back Johan Boisedu for the rest of the year with an option of continuation the contract for the rest of the season.

Johan Boisedu has been practicing with the Spanish club almost all season, because he was looking for a new club. The experienced Frenchman has previously played in Al Jazira in UAE (season 2016/17), National Drilling Company Abudhabi (2015/16), Emirates Area (2011/16), and in the 2009/2010 season played in the French club US Dunkerque. The left back last season scored 187 goals for Al Jazira.

Puerto Sagunto is at the moment placed 13th in the Spanish League with 2 points in 4 matches.

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