Antal resultater: 24

Two talents train with Stuttgart

Rumor: Ivanisevic to Wetzlar

Kozlina to the 2. Bundesliga

Nordhorn keeps head coach

Balingen changes the coach

Leipzig signs Danish right wing

Müller-twins stay in Melsungen

Oliver Heß leaves Die Eulen

Saarlouis changes head coach

EHF claims reducing German CL-participants

Saarlouis signs pivot

Leipzig keeps experienced right back

Göppingen signs Danish national player

Portuguese stays in the Bundesliga

Goalkeeper leaves Minden

Talented lefthander stays in Leipzig

Youth national player extends with Konstanz

Playmaker continues in Bad Schwartau

Transfer bomb: Weber returns to Leipzig

Max Staar is promoted in GWD

Rimpar keeps talented right wing

HBW signs talented Norwegian

Bietigheim keeps back court players

GWD Minden signs Cederholm