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10:50 07-September-2017

Overview: 225.000€ in TV-rights to PSG

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The French handball website have made an overview of the TV right money for the club's of the French League in last season 2016/17.

Paris Saint-Germain is the club of the French Starligue, who has received the biggest share of the TV rights paid to the clubs last season, 225.000€. In contrast, Sélestat, the relegators of the League, received 128.000€. These numbers reveals

Bein Sports has been the official broadcaster of the French League, for an estimated 4 million € per year for five seasons. BeIN Sports has injected a sum not seen so far in France to broadcast two live Starleague matches at each round of Championship. In total, more than 55% of the annual amount paid by Bein Sports is directly redistributed to the clubs.

All clubs receive a fixed share of 78.165 €, regardless of their ranking at the end of the season. In addition to this fixed share, there is a development envelope of € 50.000 per club. This amount is paid only if the clubs meet the various marketing criteria set by the National Handball League, NHL. assumed in their calculations that the entire amount was paid to each club last season. Finally, the last part of the TV rights is variable and conditioned on the classification of each team at the end of the season. The PSG has thus been awarded 97.241 € variable share, in front of Nantes (83.349 €), Montpellier (74.088 €) and St Raphaël (50.936 €).

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