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12:07 21-December-2016

Iranian player to Metalurg

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The 20-year-old Iranian national player and left back of the Iranian vice champions Shahrdari Kashan, Amine Jusefinedzhad, has signed a 3½-year contract to the summer of 2020 with the Macedonian top club RK Metalurg.

"When thinking about the start of my European career, I have found a good club and a good coach in Lino Cervar and an environment most suitable for work with young players. So quickly I found a common language with my new club and I'm happy to have the opportunity here to realize my ambitions with handball. I hope to justify the trust of the coach and the club," said Amine Jusefinedzhad in a press release of RK Metalurg.

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