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13:21 12-October-2016

Lichtlein joins Füchse Berlin

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The Nephew of the German national player Carsten Lichtlein, Nils Lichtlein, has moved to Berlin to join the youth team of Füchse Berlin.

The 14-year-old German, Nils Lichtlein, which Carsten Lichtlein is the uncle of, moved to Berlin a few weeks ago to join the foxes, Fücshe Berlin. He now lives in the handball boarding school and plays as a C-teenager already in the B-team. "This corresponds to his performance level. He even coaches with my A-boys. We are glad that we have him and are happy to be able to accompany him on his career," says Füchse CEO and A-youth coach Bob Hanning to the website of the club.

The Regensburger is considered a huge talent, he is left-handed and can play both in the back court and as a right winger.

Read an interview (in German) with Nils Lichtlein on the website of Füchse Berlin here.

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