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09:03 08-November-2016

Rutenka still gets offers

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

The Belarusian handball legend Siarhei Rutenka will not retire yet because he still gets offers.

The 35-year-old Belarusian star, Siarhei Rutenka, has been a free agent for almost a year, after he left the Qatari club Lekhwiya at the beginning of last season. In an interview with he talks about the future.

One of the best players of the Belarusian national team, Motor Zaporozhye's playmaker Barys Pukhouski, has recently said, that he hopes, Siarhei Rutenka returns to the national team. Rutenka says the following to about the subject:

"I was going to retire. So I moved away from the training process. I can not be in the national team when I am physically unable to help. I talked with him on the subject. He also told me about it. I find it hard to listen to it in the sense that I feel some sort of guilt. But at the same time, they understand my situation."

Siarhei Rutenka still gets offers:

"The bottom line is that I still receiving proposals. But I always say that I will go back if I get the right offer. If it is not, then I will retire. This I have said a year ago. Apparently, I do not quite believe it, but I still receive good offers."

According to the former FC Barcelona player has a good and long-term offer from Qatar.

"I talked with my agent today. In fact there was such a proposal. They insisted on a three-year contract. But even if I was playing in Qatar, my family would come. And summing up the load at my age - I was not sure whether I endure. But after reflection and conversations I agreed. Last conversation was today. And they say: "We are afraid for three years because we have painted only estimates for the next 7 months. Maybe 7 months contract?". I tell them: "Guys, I have only three months to recover, and will move for four months?".

But the negotiations are ongoing.

"Yes. Believe me, I very quickly want a yes or no - to end or continue," he concluded to


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