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10:56 01-November-2016

Losert new Croatian goalkeeper coach

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Photo: Venio Losert in Kielce.

Written by: Rasmus Boysen

Venio Losert replaces Valter Matošević as goalkeeper coach of the Croatian national team.

After Venio Losert became coach of the goalkeepers in Telekom Veszprem in early August, he now also has the responsibiliy of the goalkeepers of the Croatian national team.

On a press conference of the Croatian national team the Croatian national coach Zejlko Babic said the following about the redeployment:

"My co-workers are in the headquarters of the high-quality, excellent, but we decided that we need to make some changes because of the results that had been discreet. It does not matter now who is to blame, who is not. We need new people and new directions for action."

Legendary Venio Losert, who won the Olympics twice (1996 & 2004) and played in European top-clubs as Badel Zagreb, TEKA Cantabaria, Portland San Antonio, FC Barcelona, Vive Kielce and Montpellier, has played 211 caps for Hungary. He retired in 2014.

At the Olympics in Londin in 2012 Venio Losert was the flag bearer of the Croatian delegation.

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