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18:09 15-September-2017

The saga of Palmarsson continues

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Written by: Rasmus Boysen

According to the Spanish sportspaper Mundo Deportivo the Hungarian top club Telekom Veszprém does not lower its financial requirements and continues asking FC Barcelona for 1 million euros for the transfer of the Icelandic national player Aron Palmarsson.

Palmarsson is according to Mundo Deportivo still in his home country, Iceland, waiting for some news that does not arrive at the moment. The 27-year-old back court player is one of the best players in the world, but at the moment he is not a part of any team. The logic indicates Barça and Veszprém come to an agreement, but the weeks go by..

Whatever happens, what is certain is that at the moment Palmarsson will miss the first five matches of the Champions League. Telekom Veszprém did not register Aron Palmarsson in the squad because the new coach, Ljubomir Vranjes, already made it clear, that he does not count on the Icelandic "for the lack of respect to his companions"- Palmarsson didn't show up to the first training of preseason.

The templates are already closed for the first five days of Champions, but teams can also register new players: if they do before 31 October, they could play from the 6th day, but if they do later, dated limit on 1 February, they would have to wait for the playoffs. For now, it is unknown whether Barça will sign Palmarsson this season.

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